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শতবছরের মাটির প্রাণ ধরে রাখার নতুন পদ্ধতি কারবোন বায়োচার

Biochar Carbon Farming to Build Soil for Hundreds of Years

(Dewan Siraj, BTV, 2019: 17 minutes) (In Bangla, no subtitles)

Biochar can be used to make long-term increased in soil organic matter. This program describes how women make biochar in their homes using the Akha TLUD stove. Agronomic research on biochar is ongoing. Since our soils are low in organic mater, but fertile, research shows a very strong response of crops to biochar applications. This increase in yield will help Bangladesh adjust to the effects of climate change. The apparent value of biochar, and its production in homes has a large impact on gender equality for women. Women’s quality of life is improved by reduced indoor air pollution, and savings in time spent tending stoves and collecting fuel.

Biochar Production in Bangladesh — The Akha Gasifier Stove

(ATN, 2018: 22 minutes) (In Bangla with English subtitles)

“Biochar Production in Bangladesh” describes the recent introduction of the Akha TLUD, and research on biochar technology in Bangladesh. University professors describe their areas of research.