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Seminar Proceeding — Biochar for Food Security, Livelihoods, and Combating Climate Change

Summary of the Proceedings 14 July, 2018 BARC, Farm Gate, Dhaka A pilot-project is on-going to assess the validity of the Akha TLUD stove and biochar for crop production at three locations in Bangladesh.  The core project, introducing the Akha

World Soil Day — Bangladesh Soils Low in Organic Matter.

There is a good article by Abu Siddique  in the Dhaka Tribune on low soil organic matter in Bangladesh. “World Soil Day: Two-fifths of arable land in Bangladesh lacks organic matter” He interviewed Md Delowar Hossain Molla, director of SRDI. “According

Introducing Biochar to Rural Bangladesh:

This synopsis is a introduction to how biochar may be used in Bangladesh to improve sustainable food production, but it is also on how biochar technology will have to be adapted to meet local conditions. The main difficulties are a

The Basics of Biochar

Biochar is a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal substance that is distinguished from other charcoals in its intended use as a soil amendment. Biochar is charcoal that has been produced under conditions that optimize certain characteristics deemed useful in agriculture, such as high surface