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Seminar Proceeding — Biochar for Food Security, Livelihoods, and Combating Climate Change

Summary of the Proceedings 14 July, 2018 BARC, Farm Gate, Dhaka A pilot-project is on-going to assess the validity of the Akha TLUD stove and biochar for crop production at three locations in Bangladesh.  The core project, introducing the Akha

Mahbubul Islam meets Dr. TLUD Anderson at Accra, Ghana

Thanks to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves for covering Mr. Islam’s expenses.

History in the making!

We held a focus group with women to see what they thought of or new naturalized TLUD designs. In general they were astonished, because: They didn’t think there was sufficient fuel loaded into the TLUD to cook a meal, when

BBI Network


Sustainable biochar is one of the few climate mitigation and soil enhancement technologies that is relatively inexpensive, widely applicable, and quickly scalable. Supporters of biochar in Bangladesh  are trying to gather enthusiasts together under the umbrella of a network .

Bangladesh Biochar Initiative

Welcome to the Bangladesh Biochar Initiative (BBI). The BBI is a volunteer organization for sharing information on biochar technology in Bangladesh. Participants include rural extension workers, technicians, homestead gardeners, students and scientists. The BBI hosts seminars and workshops, and will